Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Summer Sale

(This sale has expired! Please contact us ASAP for new info!)


Generation Imaging is pleased to announce for a limited time we will be providing you with rock bottom discount microfiche and microfilm prices this summer.

Generation Imaging is scanning company run by the best microfilm and microfiche scanner operators and managers in the United States. No microfilm or microfiche scanning job is too big or too small. Generation Imaging believes that this new economy has created new rules and new scanning prices, and we are celebrating by slashing our already LOW PRICES as the TEMPERATURE RISES!

G.I.’s summer discount applies to qualified scanning projects of the following types:


  • 16mm roll film- simplex, duplex, 100-foot, 200-foot, positive, negative, diazo, vesicular, silver halide, and other 16mm microfilm types
  • 35mm roll film
  • 16mm Microfiche Jackets
  • 35mm Microfiche Jackets
  • COM Microfiche
  • Step-and-Repeat Microfiche (usually vehicle parts manuals are containing on these)



A Message From Generation Imaging’s Co-Founders

generation imaging New economy; new rules. Advancements in technology have helped to reduce scanning costs, plus improvements in microfilm conversions have led to better productivity. G.I. is stimulating the economy its own way by offering $0.0075 cents per image for qualified 16mm roll film scanning!

Damian Hospital


generation imaging Our microfilm services combine great quality and low price. Scanning is performed in South Florida, and rolls and fiche are not outsourced or sent overseas.

We look forward to working with you on your project!

Dan Gandul


Summer Sale

Summer Discount Conversion Coupon

Act NOW and schedule your project because our summer capacity is quickly filling up. Only 30 22 0 coupon slots are remaining for qualified projects

Lock your Summer Discount now by sending your request! The contact form below is your Summer Coupon.


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  • We’ve been getting questions about the length of the Summer Special

Good morning,

Thank you for the outstanding microfilm pricing.

However, [my company]’s budget will not allow us to convert right away. Would it be possible to apply the coupon for a later date?

Best Regards,

Carlos Hernandez

Oakland, CA

No problem! Take a rain check if you don’t have the microfilm and microfiche now!

Lock your Summer Discount now with a rain check! The contact form below is your Rain Check Coupon.

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