Microfilm Scanning Price [Sale]

If you found this page, mention it in an email or over the phone and you will be entitled to a discount for microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning, or aperture card scanning!

microfiche price

Generation Imaging is scanning company run by the best microfilm and microfiche scanner operators and managers in the United States. No microfilm or microfiche scanning job is too big or too small. Generation Imaging believes that this new economy has created new rules and new scanning prices, and we are celebrating by slashing our already LOW PRICES!

Our discount applies to qualified scanning projects of the following types:


  • 16mm roll film- simplex, duplex, 100-foot, 200-foot, positive, negative, diazo, vesicular, silver halide, and other 16mm microfilm types
  • 35mm roll film
  • 16mm Microfiche Jackets
  • 35mm Microfiche Jackets
  • COM Microfiche
  • Step-and-Repeat Microfiche
  • Aperture cards