Generation Imaging Microfilm Scanning Pricing

microfiche scanning price

Ever since the Real Estate bubble burst in 2008, the economy has been very different. It’s more difficult to get bank loans. Interest rates on credit cards are higher than ever. There are fewer Americans working full-time. The great recession really did a number on the economy.

In the world of microfilm scanning, we have seen a demand for lower costs to get projects done, and faster turn-around times. As the economy shrunk these past few years, the ability for county governments to spend on digitizing their property records has been reduced. Microfilm and microfiche projects can only go forward if it fits the constraints of this new economy.

Generation Imaging is up to the challenge of dealing with the new rules of this new economy. We have the latest NextScan equipment to provide faster scanning of your microfilm, microfiche, and aperture card project. Plus, with our decades of experience in the microfilm industry, you are assured that your digital conversion project will be completed with the high quality standards that customers have come to expect from us.

If you have a big microfilm project and are considering outsourcing part of it to meet a tight deadline, look no further than Generation Imaging. We are based in Florida, USA. Your images can be sent to us safely and securely, and we have the personnel and know-how to convert microfilm to digital images quickly. We are experts at exceeding expectations on a short deadline.

Contact us today for more information and a price quote. You will be impressed with our low prices and high quality. Generation Imaging: new economy, new rules. We are leading the way. CONTACT US